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July, 2004:  We take great pleasure in announcing the arrival of a special litter of field-bred
Gordon Setter pups

We just sold our last 2004 Gordon Setter pup!  If you know anyone who hunts and needs a bird dog-family dog combination, Gordon Setters rate at the top of our list for that combination.  Keep us in mind for another litter in 2006. 
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On the 30th of April, 2004 Keuka’s Boss & Company (Queen) was bred to her Grand Sire NFC, NAFC, FC, AFC Pal Joey (Joey) by way of surgical insemination as Joey is now 14 years old. On the 28th of June 2004 a litter of 11 pups was whelped – 1 female and 10 males.  Mom has risen to the challenge and pups are sleek as seals.  The female and 3 males are spoken for at this point.  These pups should go to homes where they will be campaigned in field trials or trained and seriously hunted.  I was extremely impressed by Pal Joey when I first saw him in 1995 and through Jim Basham was able to acquire one of his pups.  Joey was a most impressive, hard driving, bird finding machine and did his job with enthusiasm, style and class.


Dam: "Queen"


Queen at 15 weeks

OFA good, PennHip 80th percentile of breed
This breeding is by AI due to the age of the sire Pal Joey

Queen  is my personal gundog. She is a small Gordon (40 lb.) well built, extremely intelligent, very athletic, capable, intense and eager to please. Queen has a very strong people attachment and when she hits the field she becomes a bird finding dynamo.

Queen  was one of the moderate sized females in the 2001 litter. Conformation: Moderately fine boned, nicely proportioned, very nice head, good run, tail carriage(12:00 to 1:00), nicely marked (darker), medium brown eyes.  Demeanor: Dominant (bossy to other litter mates), very inquisitive, likes one-on-one attention, boldly explores while keeping track of the boss,  intense. Attitude-let’s go do it. This one has the potential to make the hair on the back of your neck standup when she points (have seen her lean right in to it with tail at 12:00 straight as a string). She is steady to point and held for a minute when timed.  She turned into a hunting fool. She seems somewhat aloof from her littermates. Her registered name is Boss and Company.   Queen and Parker both enjoyed a fall hunting trip to South Dakota and did well..  Queen will be Tom's personal hunting and breeding dog, since we lost her mama Genie to a road accident in the spring.   Queen is so identical to Genie, she has the honor of wearing Genie's blue collar.

Four Generation on the Dam's side:


Sire: "Pal Joey"

NFC, NAFC, FC, AFC Pal Joey-(Joey)  OFA Good
His title speaks volumes.  He is a phenomenal performer.  Joey is Queen's Grand Sire as well as the sire of this litter.  His consistent outstanding performances have earned him the Gordon Setter Club of America Gundog of the Year award for 4 years.

  Pedigree 6 generations

A Two Generation History of this breeding.

Request attachment in Excel or hard copy by postal mail. 

Whelped June 28, 2004
Pictures Pups 2004

Oct. 25, 2004   -
I (Tom Mitchell) took Parker (Parker is Queens brother) and 5 pups to Jim Basham's place in Ohio.
Jim told me that Jim D'Amico and Marianne Goodwin (owners and campaigners of Pal Joey) were there on their way home from the Nationals and said they would be interested in looking at the pups. We watched all five pups for 20 to 30 minutes. Jim D'Amico turned to me and said, "this is a very nice litter". My head swelled a size I'm sure. We picked the pups up and put them in their crates. Jim asked me if I had worked them on any birds - I told him I had not. We then took them out one by one and tested them with live pigeons - it was dead calm and everything was saturated with a heavy dew. Every one of the pups located the pigeons with a high head and high tail. Three of the pups went right in to the birds to check them out. Two of the pups went to intensely hunting for the birds and locked up on points several times each. It never ceases to amaze me at how a good trainer can extract the best out of a pup. We put all the pups in their crates and flew some quail.

The two Jims and Marianne suggested we run the two pups (Orange and Blue) that tested on pigeons so well, on some of the scattered single quail as a nice breeze had begun to blow. We put both of the pups on the ground together and both were hunting. Right away every one of us fell silent - the pup with the blue collar began putting on quite a show. Even the pup with the orange collar became interested in what blue was doing. Blue was intensely pointing with a 12:00 tail, Jim would move in and flush the bird - blue would take two bounds - lock-up and  watch the bird fly away. Then he would break and find another bird and so on and so on. He had rock-solid, intense points with a suppressed desire to chase when the bird took wing. Every one was still silent when we picked the pups up. Jim D'Amico had blue in his arms - we all got kind of giddy at what we had just seen. Jim D'Amico came over to me and asked, "would you mind if I took this fella?" I guess my response was "I'd be honored."  My, I think my feet are just beginning to touch the ground. The scary thing was that I almost sold that pup as a house dog a week earlier. Still have four to go and think the boy with the orange collar has MH or FC potential - the other three will make impressive bird dogs in the hands of the right persons.


Pups receive the best of care and have: dew-claws removed (done July 1, 2004), parasites eliminated, current immunizations including 1 year certificate Rabies and they are socialized with both dogs and humans.

Our pups and started dogs must go to good homes. Ownership of our dogs is subject to my approval. All potential owners will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and will be interviewed.

Current price is $800.00 each

A 50% deposit will secure a pup or started dog

Ask about our full guarantee 

Field Bred Gordon Setters

Breeding for
Natural Ability
Pen Hip testing encouraged
Ratings available for pups from the 2004 litter.

Gordon Setter Gundogs that are: Capable, Confident, Hardworking, Biddable companions


Style and Class


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     We are confident this double-barreled pairing will produce excellent puppies and a couple of well started dogs.  You may request the pedigree as an attachment  in excel.



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