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2009 Litter Confirmed! Queen - Timber 2007 2006 2004 2001 


May 19, 2009

Just before the pups were 2 weeks old, they both had become mobile enough to climb over the wall of the whelping box.  We replaced the whelping box with the rearing box on Sunday,17 May, 2009.  Yesterday they were 3 weeks old.  About 5 days before that, their eyes had opened and a few days later they took their first wobbly steps.  Very shortly after they began interacting with each other and would notice when we came in the room.  They are now quite steady on their legs have taken to playing with each other and are growling and barking at each other and will bark and wag their tails when we come into their room.  They enjoy interacting with us.  It is truly marvelous how quickly they transition from totally helpless, dependent waifs into pups.  They both appear to have very nice tail sets

In the coming few weeks a near miraculous transformation occurs, the rapidity of which never ceases to amaze me.  They will become keenly aware of everything around them – sights, sounds, smells, light, dark, movements as they sort out their senses and make stronger connections to a rapidly developing brain.  They will recognize different people and will begin responding to them.  We will spend as much time with them as we can and introduce them to toys and puppy apparatus and as many other experiences as we can.  They will begin having toe nails clipped every week or two and become used to being handled and examined and of course being petted, loved and cuddled – all part of the socialization process. 

Next week we will begin gradually weaning them.  Queen is an excellent dam and proudly dotes over her young.   We will continue to limit the pup’s exposure to potentially harmful situations for several weeks to come.  They will receive their first round of shots when they are 6 wk. old.  This coming weekend they can begin having outside visitors - of course, as always, good hand washing is in order.

June 21, 2009  8 weeks tomorrow!  Hard to believe.

Puppies doing well, one jump and out of the rearing box, as Tom calls it.  Right now the rearing box is the kitchen!  An in-house kennel is for naps or mom, whoever gets there first.  Flat coat girl is showing us quite a nose!  We would like her to be a hunter's pride and joy.  She already knows the command: Get Back!  No more pinched toes for her!  She has some white on her chest, which will diminish with growth.  Tom wants to get a stacked photo online soon!  It was impossible to take a "still" picture, but did get her to stop for 1 second at my knees.  Good luck with the stacked photo, Tom.