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Reduless is a possible solution for minor hydrogen sulfide problems. Rate: 2-3 grams per 5 gallons,  1/2 teaspoon is ~ 2 grams.  
Dissolve in 10 times its weight in water
(29.57 ml = 1 oz.).   Add while agitating.
Rack after 72 hours
 You may treat a second time. If this fails, then we have to resort to using Copper Sulfate.

Reduless...36 grams

Reduless 3 ounces (85 grams) for ~ 141-212 gallons









reduless 36 grams
Reduless 3 ounces 

Copper Sulfate 1 oz   2.49 Reduless 3 ounces
Copper Sulfate  16 oz  12.35  Reduless 3 ounces

 When hydrogen sulfide is formed in detectible quantities, it will usually be toward the end of fermentation.  You should smell your young wine during the first fermentation. If the rotten egg smell is evident, you should rack the wine immediately when the problem is first discovered before using Reduless and/or copper sulfate.

1. Rack your wine even if it is still fermenting. If the smell hasn't disappeared in 24 hours, rack again. Aerate and splash about.

2. Dose the wine with the recommended amount of a yeast nutrient.   If you have Reduless, use that instead for an additive at this point.

Dissolve Reduless in 10 times its weight in water. Add immediately to tank mixing well. If prepared in advance, re-suspend the product prior to its addition. Additions can be made during pump-overs or during tank agitations/mixings. Recommended contact time is 48-72 hours after homogenization. Rack off or filter the wine when treatment is complete.

4. Reduless can be dosed twice, if the first dosage improves but does not clear up the problem.

3. You may also bubble an inert gas such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen through the wine.

4. If the above steps do not correct the problem then Copper Sulfate is a serious consideration.


May Your Wines Fall Bright!