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Our Vineyard is for sale

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Fall Bright has been providing winemaking supplies, grapes, juices (plus brewing supplies) for  amateur winemakers since 1978.  An old grape packing house provides a home for Fall Bright.  Call us at 607-292-3995.  NEAR WAYNE, NY  Keuka Lake East-side NOT near Dundee,  sorry to have a tricky mailing address!   Coordinates: 42.490863, -77.117778

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Here is the full presentation of basic winemaking.  Feel free to print this out for your own use and use as a reference.  Please give credit where credit is due.  Thank you , Marcy

we are open year 'round.  Check here for hours Eastern Time   Our hours will expand for harvest time in September and October. 

Download Acrobat Reader  In case you need it!

2012   We have been trying to dodge frost!  The last 3 mornings (April 28-30th) have been between 26 to a bit above (not above freezing, though).  The less colder am lasted longer and caused more damage than the previous AM that was colder, but for a shorter period of time.  Then another one.  It is good to see a cloudy sky, it may blanket us from another frost.  

Tom mowed the vineyard last Friday. April 27.  It was a windy, cold day.  No tieing that day.  This mowing was an attempt to have a flat vineyard floor that would allow the cold to slip down the hill and not get caught up on brush or grass, hanging around to freeze our buds.  

Change in the website.  Refresh your page.   I am working on a new site to graduate to from Front Page, using XSitePro.  However, in the meanwhile, I am making changes to fallbright.com that you have become accustomed to.   We do have an online shopping cart!  We do need your off (grape harvest) season business.  Suggestions for changes have been made.  What do you want me to do?  Too busy, too overwhelming, where to go next??  

NEW BOTTLES  ARE in stock, please call ahead.  The Taylor Port screw top bottles are sold out!  

May your wines fall bright! Tom and Marcy Mitchell

WE ARE STILL HERE!!   Tom wants to retire from grape growing, and yes, the Hyatt Hill farm is for sale.   mitchell hh vineyard 8-10.jpg (802444 bytes) However, he is in the vineyard, still growing grapes for your wine making needs.  We still have a full line of supplies for the amateur wine maker and brewer right here in our Hyatt Hill shop, with online shopping here.

  • Tom wants to retire from grape growing.  The Hyatt Hill farm is half of our grape acreage with the shop in the middle of it. 

Online shopping shipping is $7.99!  There are some items we do not ship like wine bottles, grapes, juices, 50 pound bags of corn sugar.   

Stuck Fermentation - a Sticky Situation  a pdf 

A note from the Cornell Enology Group with the following footnote from another email.  This is where I got the Glucose is the same as dextrose.  Thomas Henick-Kling is no longer at Cornell, but his information is and will continue to be appreciated.  

If there is much less glucose, then Saccharomyces yeasts can not restart the fermentation. Apparently Saccharomyces need some glucose (same as dextrose) to be able to transport the fructose into the cell and ferment it. In these cases where the glucose concentration is less than half of that of fructose, the only way to restart the fermentation is to add more glucose (same as dextrose). None of the repair yeast (all offered so far are Saccharomyces) can restart a fermentation without an adequate glucose-fructose ratio.

Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions:
Ben Gavitt (bkg1@cornell.edu) and Dragana Dimitrijevic dd233@cornell.edu
Phone: 315-787-2263

Thomas Henick-Kling

WHEN STRAWBERRIES ARE READY.  If you are making wine from fruits and vegetables, you will need to apply basic winemaking and several additives.  Follow the guidelines in your recipes, but do test your beginning fruit and water mix for brix and adjust as needed rather than as suggested by a recipe.  http://www.101winemaking.com/fruit_wines.htm

Security on our shopping cart.  

A word from our shopping cart server (www.frontpagecart.com),  which is owned by www.1shoppingcart.com  main server www.mcssl.com).  It is safe to shop with this cart as all information is stored with their server and NOT on my server. I just spoke with their tech guy and we made some changes  to help our shoppers.   If you want to shop you can also call us at 607-292-3995. 

Affordable and Powerful Shopping Cart Systems.

If you do not want to shop with even a secure cart, place your items in the shopping cart.  When you are finished, right click and print your list and give us a call.  We will just have to add the shipping.  

Thank you.   winemaking@fallbright.com 

Vineyard Trellis Systems 

Online orders will still be filled and shipped 24-48 hours.  

Call 607-292-3995 and leave a message with a number that I may call you in the evening, if you call on a day we are closed.

  • We do appreciate and need your business.
  • We are still growing grapes for your winemaking needs and have a nice crop this year...

COMPETITIONS:  Note that the NY State Fair Amateur Wine Contest is not associated with the winemaking seminar anymore.  The seminar is NOT a drop off spot nor is Fall Bright.  

http://www.better-bottle.com A shortcut to the word on better bottles verses glass.
These are NOT PC plastic bottles, which are the blue ones used for the 5 gallon water industry.  They are PET, lab plastic.  The 5 gallon PET weighs in at 1.53 pounds, empty without the box!   Go to the technical tab and then cleaning....

Complete instructions for care & sanitation of your PET Better Bottle, go to their site.   www.better-bottle.com  For a short cut on this site go to 

This PET product is a high end lab item. It does not breath (allow oxygen in) or leach (plastic materials) into the wine. It is resistant to chlorine-based (C-Brite) and other (percabonate: B-Brite, One Step, OxiClean) cleaners and dish cleaning (Cascade) items and Potassium Metabisulfite rinses.

To avoid scratching the inside while cleaning, which creates microscopic hiding places for bacteria, yeast, etc, the use of carboy BRUSHES is NOT recommended.  If you really need a brush, put a tube sock over your carboy brush.  

There is no need to risk burning yourself with use of over-hot water, though it will stand temperature up to 140 0 F. Your skin will not.  

Rinsing by flushing is very effective: garden hose nozzle, Double Blast Bottle Rinser, etc..

www.fallbright.com Dundee, NY 607-292-3995  
Our newsletter introducing the BetterBottle..

NEW GOOGLE search bar on our site on the left side menu.  This will only search this site and when you select a page, you will come back here with the chosen page.  We have so much content on our site that you will have many choices and a few advertised sites that tag along as part of the google search. 

Winemaker Magazine Wine Competition  

Battenkill Communications. 5515 Main St, Manchester Center, VT 05255
802-362-3981  competition@winemakermag.com 

To our customers whose servers are blocking fallbright.com emails...If you signed up for our newsletter and never get anything, your server may have us blocked.  Someone else could have blocked one of our newsletters instead of un-subscribing and there we are-- blocked!  OR we are blocked because our email address has been stolen and used for mega spam.  This link takes you to a letter for you to copy and paste to send to your server.  Thank you and good luck.

Check out our past newsletters here  
winemaking@fallbright.com  I have also answered email questions sent to me directly and have had replies bounce back.  Not good.  SO, please put our email in your address book!  Thank you for your patience.  Marcy
White listing instructions so your confirmation email won't end up in the trash, spam, etc

We have added just a few wine concentrate kits to the ONLINE store only.  See kits or concentrates in the ONLINE catalog.    We do not have them on premise at Fall Bright due to space restraints.   They are also heavy for us (girls) to handle to box up to ship, so they will be shipped directly from our suppliers.      

Vintners Reserve    Spagnols


We HAD a red mystery blend for $8.00 per gallon, see Greg's story.  It is sort of an explanation of what happened..... Buyers of this mystery blend, let us know what you think it is!  NO ONE GUESSED CLOSE.  This item is gone, gone, never again, a pumping accident of equal parts of Concord and Chardonnay-Merlot blend, Eye of the Partridge.  I cried for 2 days (2006). Tom added some Colobel for color.  He made a jug, but it has been like an orphan in the corner and has not had a lot of love or attention.  The doors were left open (another accident) and the jug broke.  End of that story.  We never did have a hoop-a event to unveil the Masquerade!

We are open year 'round!  

NY 73.0136.17 has a new name "Noiret"  pronounced 'nwahr-ay'. 

Deb Whiting of Red Newt Winery and Bistro....


Thank you for your business this year and every year!     

The ANYONE CAN MAKE WINE graphics on the front page is being used with permission from Domenic Carisetti.  He is working full-time as a winemaking consultant. 




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