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Our Vineyard is for sale

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Fall Bright has been providing winemaking supplies, grapes, juices (plus brewing supplies) for  amateur winemakers since 1978.  An old grape packing house provides a home for Fall Bright.  Call us at 607-292-3995.

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2011 Christmas sale at Fall Bright 
2011 November juices still available in cold storage.  REDULESS now available for minor hydrogen sulfide problems
Loss of Deb Whiting 
Fruit wines 
Bottling 2009 high TA wines and more
Clinitest dropper replacements have been sent to known buyers
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2011!  post harvest winter
Happy Thanksgiving specials
Summer Winemaking 2010
Ducking a spring frost
Blooming in the Vineyard June 2010 
April 2010  Our farm is for sale and Fall Bright is in the middle!  However, we are still selling supplies and growing grapes.  Tom just wants to retire!
April 2010  Early Budbreak in the Finger Lakes
Potassium Bitartrate for seeding and super seeding
New Clinitest printout and cold stabilizing newsletter January 2010
Sparkolloid back in stock, Polylact is in stock, our hack experience.
Crop Update, August 2009  Free shipping until Aug 16, 2009
Late Summer hours  July, 2009.    We are now open Friday and Saturday 10-5 EST.   Online shipping is reduced 33% to $9.24.  Try us out.  Orders will be shipped 24-48 hours in spite of our open reduced  hours.  August hours to be announced
Fruit winemaking wine additives                                               May 2009
Fining to get the brown out!  The forgotten cure.  PVPP
Announcing Corot Noir
Better Bottle  NO BPA in this product
Introducing the BetterBottle, an alternative carboy               Sept 2008
Summer wine and additive bundle special to            June 21, 2008
Basic Stuff, what do you need to get started? July 7, 2005
Basic winemaking from juice June 7, 2005
Making fruit wines May 11, 2005
Acid Testing August 15, 2005
Hydrometer reading July 19, 2005
Sugar addition see chart also August 2, 2005
Stuck wine and Hydrogen sulfide Dec 3, 2005
Yeast Starter, Making wine from Grapes June 21, 2006
Yeast selection and wine finish May 23, 2005
Short crop 2005 Nov 9, 2005
Wine and Food Jan 2, 2006
The Trails in the Finger Lakes Feb 8, 2006
Winter Tasks March 29, 2006
White Blend, Maiden's Blush, Prince's Blend, Red Blend October 26, 2005
2006 Crop update August 20, 2006
Pre Bottling: fining, cold stabilizing, sorbate Jan 2, 2007
NYS Fair Home Wine Competition
Keuka Gordon Setter pups, May 7, 2007 May 30, 2007
Heritage Tasting at the Warren House, York Historical Society,
Piffard, NY 
  1836 winery?                                            August 24, 2007
AWS Competition entry deadline Sept 1, 2007
Smart Winemaking for this harvest!                             September 13, 2007
pH and Winemaking                                                   October 10, 2007
Stopping a fermentation early                                       November 8, 2007
Cold Stabilize!  Open Saturdays 10-4 EST  starting February 2, 2008
For Email delivery to continue, we will need confirmation............
May Your Wines Fall Bright now at 101winemaking     February 19, 2008
Spring 2008                                                                 March 14, 2008
Great wines begin in the vineyard                                  April 2008
Reference corks (Altec), BATF                                    May 2008


Blends:  White ("Contessa Bella" Blend,   Maiden's Blush, Prince's Blend,   Red Blend October 26, 2005
Baco must cold stabilize.... Jan 27, 2007
Carmine July 2007
Cayuga Feb 24, 2007
Chancellor May 24, 2006
Colobel November, 2006
Corot Noir   Still not added to our list, except 2008 harvest 2008
Delaware, Winemaker's Answer Book April 5, 2007
Gamay Noir replants  2007
Foch June 18, 2006
Fruit Infusion in wine June 2007
Leon Millot July 7, 2006
Merlot, to be or not to be, that is the question April 25, 2007
Mystery Red Blend 'Masquerade'  November, 2006
Niagara and Catawba April 25, 2006
NY 73.136.17  (NY 7301 for short) Noiret Sept 27, 2005
Seyval and Diamond. Sept 18, 2005
Making a Late Harvest: Vignoles, Riesling October 11, 2005
Vidal October 11, 2006
Wine Kit Concentrates June 2007
Winemakers' Notes and concerns
on 2005 harvest Greg S. May 2006
cork and corked wines, and plastic Greg S. June 2006
winners Tom B.  NY Fair 2005
Winner NY Fair 2006 winemakers notes Jim T NY Fair 2006
Winner Winemaker Magazine R.R.  
Wine rack by one of our winemakers  
Cayuga comment  
Dave's Recipe for a Port from our Barons Blend

6 or so gallons Barons, 4 pounds brown sugar, 4 pounds chopped dried raisins and at bottling time add a fifth of brandy.





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