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Our Vineyard is for sale

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Fall Bright has been providing winemaking supplies, grapes, juices (plus brewing supplies) for  amateur winemakers since 1978.  An old grape packing house provides a home for Fall Bright, 10110 Hyatt Hill, Dundee, NY 14837  Call us at 607-292-3995.

fallbright the winemakers shoppe            

 keuka lake from vineyard at fallbright.com                                       

                       Overlooking Keuka Lake from the east side, near Wayne, NY   

         Welcome to the Finger Lakes Wine Region in Central New York State, USA!

Our vineyard, Pa'tridge Run Farms, and Fall Bright on Hyatt Hill Rd  are for sale.  This link takes you to a table listing the varieties, row count, acreage and trellis system.  We overlook the Bluff from Hyatt Hill on the east side of Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes Region, Central NY.  We are located on the Keuka Lake Wine Trail.

Did I say dogs? Keuka Lake Gordon Setters Kennel 

Do you want to know HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN WINE?   

Come to Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe!

Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe is located on a country road snuggled against one of the oldest continuously worked vineyards in the Finger Lakes in NY. This vineyard site was first planted to grapes in 1865 and though the varieties that grow now are not of those original vines, it has been continuously worked. Fall Bright supplies quality Finger Lakes produced grapes and juices, plus the latest needs in wine and beer making supplies for the amateur winemaker and brewer. High on Hyatt Hill Road overlooking Keuka Lake near Wayne, NY, a picturesque old grape-packing barn provides an appropriate setting for the shop.

Established in 1977, Pa'tridge Run Farms is a family owned vineyard dedicated to growing quality wine grapes and providing quality juices for the amateur winemaker. 

It was partnered with a modern juice plant and supply (winemaking and brewing) shop, Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe, in 1978. After a couple of years in business, our winemakers were requesting more Vinifera and French Hybrid varieties than we grew. So in 1982 we, Tom and Marcy Mitchell, along with Tom Jr., Megan and Corlin, began replanting our farm to grape varieties that were or would be in demand by amateur winemakers. To date there are 20 acres of premium grape varieties including 8 Vinifera, 14 French Hybrids, and 5 American , plus 3 table grape varieties.   

We have several different trellis systems, never a dull moment.  Tom and I put this presentation together for a winemaking seminar and he did not get much past the first couple of pages!  Flachbogen is not in this presentation nor is his Keuka Delta system that we have the Riesling on.
Vineyard Trellis Systems

Several other varieties are purchased from other quality-oriented vineyards in the Finger Lakes.  Attention to detail in the vineyard from pruning, to vine care, crop regulation and selection of optimum harvest times assures the quality our customers demand.

Grapes are picked both by hand (for grape orders) and by machine. The fresh fruit is crushed and de-stemmed and pressed with an imported 4-ton bladder press. From there the juice flows into refrigerated bulk tanks for chilling to 30 degrees F.   It may then be settled and/or filtered, then pumped into tanks in a walk-in cooler to hold for pickup.

Red Vinifera varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Carmine,  Merlot and Pinot Noir are sold as grapes only, assuring a HIGH QUALITY WINE for the hard working winemaker. All other varieties are available as grapes or juice. Crushing and de-stemming into your container is included free with grape orders.  Advance orders are recommended; though not always necessary, they help avoid disappointment.

Grapes and juices must be picked up at Fall Bright and cannot be shipped. However, wine and brewing supplies are shipped by UPS or USPS every day.  


Accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Pay Pal online and in-store.   A hard catalog is printed and mailed annually in August. Send your postal address to 

Put our address in your address book!)  OR

Fall Bright
, The Winemakers Shoppe
10110 Hyatt Hill, Dundee, NY 14837 phone: 607-292-3995 

Need advice or technical assistance? Tom and Marcy Mitchell and staff have plenty of winemaking and brewing experience (although Tom is their main brewing consultant!) and can help you. Luci, our main "in the shop staff" won a silver at the NYS Fair with her Maiden's Blush this year.  We all have different levels of skills.  There are also lessons onlineCome on!   Learn how to make your own wine!!  

Click here for our list of supplies, some with instructions and grapes, juices

We never rent or sell our customers data to anyone.  All information is held strictly confidential. 

We are privileged to have some of the best amateur winemakers in the eastern USA among our customers, winning accolades in local, state, and national competitions!



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Fall Bright   
Tom and Marcy Mitchell
10110 Hyatt Hill    Dundee, NY  14837
Phone: 607-292-3995       E-mail :winemaking@fallbright.com 
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