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Tom would like these pups to go to people who hunt or aspire to field trialing.

Whelped April 27, 2009    Very small litter of 2  (two)  females.  A buyer has cancelled and we have one pup for sale at this time.  She is the flat coat girl below.   Babies and Queen mother doing well.  At a bit over 2 weeks old, eyes open, ears relaxed and getting out of whelping box...    Puppy update May 19, 2009   Click on outlined picture for enlarged view. 

April 28:  6days2pups09.jpg (100378 bytes)             12 hours2pups09.jpg (144083 bytes)  May 19: Playing  2009-35bothplaying.jpg (135448 bytes) wavy coat girl 2009-34wavyhead.jpg (127798 bytes)
flat coat girl 2009-33flatcoatsitting.jpg (148015 bytes)   Flat coat at 7 weeks.  pup7wksflatgirl.jpg (256357 bytes)  SOLD! JUNE 28,2009

Both puppies have been placed in great homes.  Thank  you for all your interest. 

(August 2010:  Queen has been officially retired as a breeder.  She is now a hunter and a lap dog, if I sit down long enough!)

Dam: "Queen"  "Boss and Company"        Queen's Pedigree  in pdf   Download Acrobat Reader  In case you need it!
2-08-2001                                                        Queen's Pedigree in excel  
                                                                        pedigree.jpg (92387 bytes)

OFA good, Penn Hip 80th percentile of breed                Four Generation on the Dam's side


Queen is OFA good, PennHip 80th percentile, CERF.  She is one of Tom's personal gundogs. She was sired by NFC / FC / AFC Gunsmoke Rising OFA good.   Her maternal Grandsire was 4X NFC / NAFC / FC / AFC Pal Joey 4X NGSCA Gundog of the Year, OFA good.  

Queen is a medium sized Gordon (44 lb.) well built, extremely intelligent, very athletic, capable, intense and eager to please. Queen has a very strong people attachment and when she hits the field she becomes a bird finding dynamo.  

Queen  was one of the moderate sized females in the 2001 litter. Conformation: Moderately fine boned, nicely proportioned, very nice head, good run, tail carriage(12:00 to 1:00), nicely marked (darker), medium brown eyes.  Demeanor: Dominant (bossy to other litter mates), very inquisitive, likes one-on-one attention, boldly explores while keeping track of the boss,  intense. Attitude-letís go do it. This one has the potential to make the hair on the back of your neck standup when she points (have seen her lean right in to it with tail at 12:00 straight as a string). She is steady to point and held for a minute when timed.  She turned into a hunting fool. She seemed somewhat aloof from her littermates. Her registered name is Boss and Company.   Queen and Parker both enjoyed a fall hunting trip to South Dakota and did well..  Queen is Tom's personal hunting and breeding dog, since we lost her mama Genie to a road accident.  Queen is so identical to Genie, she has the honor of wearing Genie's blue collar. 


SIRE:  Timber

Timber's Pedigree    in pdf

Timber's Pedigree in excel


Smokin'Gun Kennels  Dan Williams, 145 Carriage Hill Dr, Mars, PA  16046

Timber is a nice looking field type dog that has been hunted from Nova Scotia to Montana across the northern USA.  He is about fifty lb. and primarily a grouse and woodcock dog and has hunted  most bird species in that range.  Timber was one of the dogs recommended by Jim D'Amico and has some outstanding dogs in his pedigree. 



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