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 Litter Whelped May 7, 2007  (pictures)

All pups and Queen well.  2 females and 6 males.   Females and 2 male pre-sold. 
Tom would like these pups to go to people who hunt or aspire to field trialing.

SIRE:  DC/AFC New Dual Champion!
Carolina’s All Hat, No Cattle  “STETSON”

Dam: "Queen"  "Boss and Company"
OFA good, PennHip 80th percentile of breed                Four Generation on the Dam's side


Queen is OFA good, PennHip 80th percentile, CERF.  She is one of Tom's personal gundogs. She was sired by NFC / FC / AFC Gunsmoke Rising OFA good.   Her maternal Grandsire was 4X NFC / NAFC / FC / AFC Pal Joey 4X NGSCA Gundog of the Year, OFA good.  Queen is a medium sized Gordon (44 lb.) well built, extremely intelligent, very athletic, capable, intense and eager to please. Queen has a very strong people attachment and when she hits the field she becomes a bird finding dynamo.  

Queen  was one of the moderate sized females in the 2001 litter. Conformation: Moderately fine boned, nicely proportioned, very nice head, good run, tail carriage(12:00 to 1:00), nicely marked (darker), medium brown eyes.  Demeanor: Dominant (bossy to other litter mates), very inquisitive, likes one-on-one attention, boldly explores while keeping track of the boss,  intense. Attitude-let’s go do it. This one has the potential to make the hair on the back of your neck standup when she points (have seen her lean right in to it with tail at 12:00 straight as a string). She is steady to point and held for a minute when timed.  She turned into a hunting fool. She seemed somewhat aloof from her littermates. Her registered name is Boss and Company.   Queen and Parker both enjoyed a fall hunting trip to South Dakota and did well..  Queen is Tom's personal hunting and breeding dog, since we lost her mama Genie to a road accident.  Queen is so identical to Genie, she has the honor of wearing Genie's blue collar. 



DC/AFC Dual Champion!
Carolina’s All Hat, No Cattle


The sire of this litter is DC/AFC (Dual Champion and Amateur Field Champion) Carolina’s All Hat, No Cattle “STETSON” OFA Excellent   (Stetson was also NFC (National Field Champion) runner-up in 2005).  He is owned by Jan and Bill Holloway (High Point Gordons) North Carolina.  The Holloway's plan to add a MH (Master Hunter) title to Stetson's already impressive resume.

October, 2004,  Jan and Bill Holloway wrote:  The most surprising thing about Stetson being a new dual champion is realizing that we hadn’t planned for it. For sure, we would have come up with a more respectable name than All Hat, No Cattle and probably would have kept a diary of his exploits!  In the summer of 2000, Karen and Paul Dale shipped their young beautiful bitch, CH Rice Creeks Cumulo Nimbus SH “Storm”, to us to breed to our CH Chaparral Urchin MH CD “Urch”.  Since, both Storm and Urch had 5-point majors at Specialties and had finished their advanced Hunting titles at young ages, we were expecting a litter of pretty and precocious pups with loads of hunt!

Our stud puppy, Stetson, was more moderate than the other males.  Indeed, as an adult dog he is precisely in the middle of standard for height and weight. Also, at 8 weeks of age, his poise, wisdom and overall balance captured our eye. But our choice was mainly influenced by Karen’s kids who had nicknamed him Randy Moss of the MN Vikings. The pup would surely be a star athlete! 

In 2001, as a one-year-old, Stetson quickly demonstrated he had the ability to be an exceptional field trial dog. While we expected him to have a great nose, his run, range and work ethic suggested he could easily hold his own at All Pointing Breed field trials. In the fall he ran in 3 Open Puppy stakes, placing 1st twice and 4th once.  As a two-year-old, he began preparing for gun dog competition. With the insight and dedication of Pro trainer Jean Webb, Stetson’s innate hunting talents were polished. Jean quickly identified his desire to please and hunt with people as core traits. Jean predicted, “Stetson is packed full of natural field abilities, but he will be exceptional because he truly loves to hunt for people”.

As a three-year-old, Stetson ran in 10 senior gun dog stakes. He placed in eight and earned championship points in seven, thus finishing his FC in February and his AFC in April 2004.  Bill handled Stetson in many of these stakes including the two competitions that finished the FC and AFC titles.  Handled as a puppy by Jim Basham and as a gun dog by Jean Webb, Stetson is flexible about who he works for. Good friends like Dan Voss, Cassie Allen  and Kevin Culver rode in to handle Stetson when Bill’s leg was broken. You see, Stetson is open-minded.  He just glances over his shoulder at the starting line as if to say – “just which one of you bosses am I working for today?”

Having finished the FC/AFC, my job was to grow coat on Stetson and try for a show championship.  Bill said I could have him for the summer but he needed him back by September to start getting ready for the National Championships in October. I started bathing and brushing and stuffing Stetson with fat balls. With Pro handler Lara Spears at the other end of the lead, Stetson started showing in May and finished on August 29, 2004 --- 2 days before Bill’s deadline!

Three titles in a 7-month period seemed fast, but Stetson does a lot of things at warp speed.  He ’s a Mach 2 class learner and retains his lessons like an elephant.  Significantly, Stetson came from a true and robust foundation shaped and nurtured by Linda Sanders of Chaparral Gordons, Shelley Le Blanc of Rice Creek Kennels, and ultimately by Karen Dale of Le Homme Dieu who had the vision to put those genes together. 

Thank you all. Stetson is a thrill to hunt over, a joy to watch and an absolute dreamboat to have as a part of our family.  We are honored to have the 44th Gordon joining the distinguished list of the venerable Duals of their breed.

Jan and Bill Holloway High Point Gordons North Carolina

October, 2004



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