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We are Finger Lakes Wine Region, NY grape growers.  Our vineyards, Patridge Run Farms, are located on the east side of Keuka Lake on Hyatt Hill and Dutch St.  We have been providing grapes and juices to winemakers and a full line of winemaking supplies since 1978.

You will find a full line of winemaking supplies in store and online at our new shopping cart. 

Please order your grapes and juices by phone, email. If you order whole grapes we need a 20% deposit to secure your order.  WE CAN NOT SHIP OUR GRAPES OR JUICES TO YOU. SORRY

If you use our shopping cart for your deposit, you may put your order in the comment box at the check out. We need your anticipated pick up date.   Do not duplicate your order. 

We need complete contact information.  Harvest dates change and grape pickup dates will change.  Sometimes shortages occur.  Orders are taken with sequence numbers and are filled accordingly.  SO,  Name, address, phone number, (not just work hours contact), I make a lot of calls after "hours" and  email home address, sometimes business email address are blocked by your company.

May your wines fall bright!   Thank you for shopping with us,  Tom and Marcy Mitchell


Welcome to the world of winemaking with Tom and Marcy Mitchell at Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe with free information and instructions at  www.101winemaking.com 

Grapes are grown in our vineyard, Pa'tridge Run Farms, which surrounds the packing house (shop). 

Grapes and juices can not be shipped.